About Tlelima Media

Tlelima Tlelima Media is a Company that provide well-structured Advertising projects from scratch with quality and experienced team that make sure every project leave a good media communication statement. We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet our clients’ deadlines. Every project is different and we need to offer a customised service in order to meet requirements, budgets and deadlines. TTMedia is a completely South African owned and operated company in addition to being black owned. We strive to always work better, smarter and faster than our competitors.

In terms of excellence in Media projects, look no further than Tlelima Tlelima Media. We put our passion; experience and knowledge into each and every project, making sure that our clients end up with Advertising that meet their exact requirements, whatever that may be. The company is committed to the principles of employment equity, equal opportunity and empowerment, regardless of gender, race, colour or age. Empowerment projects are based on meaningful participation and genuine advancement.

TTMedia was established in 2018 as concepts Assistant of Design to most black Owned Business in South Africa. Its Advertising productivity recognizes the need for all employees to work in a safe and healthy media environment and is committed to providing this on all projects. It is directed by Mr Tlelima Joseph Tlelima and his comfortably adding valuable passion in the Advertising niche or investment world. His skills bring amazing leadership that motivates the next Advertising Agency that will joins the chain of Black Business empowerment.

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